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Production & Workflow

The Project

Production dictates the success of a project before any of the creative team is
is booked. It’s a careful balancing act between EP’s and Directors.


This goal of this project is on learning objectives is on learning through interviewing, mock exercises and through practical exercises applicable to the next phase of Senior Thesis.

Produced at

Ringling College of Art + Design


Production + Direction 



Building, and working on a team is a crucial part of motion design. How effectively things work, are sourced and are built, directly impacts the success of a project.


Negotiating is a crucial part of production and directing. Something that was reinforced is when dealing with a client you have three important attributes for negotiation. Time, scope and team.

It's a great trifecta to communicate with the client when you're not aligning on something. If the client expects a certain level of quality, can only afford a certain number of artists but also wants it quickly, is going to have to compromise on one of the three.

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