The First Lady

The Project

We created a film title for a TV Series based on Eve. The challenge was to create a memorable look for this film that is set to hit premiere on Netflix.

The learning objectives for this project were: world/environment creation,

system building, and compositing.

Produced at

Ringling College of Art + Design

In Collaboration With

Gabe Nadel

look &

Apple TV Mockup.png

the process


Audio played a huge role in the production of this piece. We spent a total of eight hours alongside Kelly Warner, who was responsible for creating our soundscape.

Textural elements were important when approaching this project as well as considering a balance between instruments.

building & 

For this project, color grading, compositing and using tactical elements such as film overlays were very important.

 When creating a world from scratch, everything from the ground, to the sky are our responsibility to make.

Together, we figured out a pipeline to make and re-use systems and treatments across all frames.